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Does size matter? In the world of technology, it all depends on the consumer. The first generations of televisions were designed in a very simple form. Most were square, made of wood, and had a round dial to change channels. Nowadays, we have many different shapes and functions for televisions. Culture and technology have had a large impact on the development of the design and features of the modern television. The design of the television has drastically changed over time. For example, the 1948 Fada model was large in volume and it had a convex and oval shaped screen. It had four knobs used to tune and change channels. The structure was made of wood and it included a fairly large speaker underneath the twelve inch screen. The television only had access to thirteen channels. The dial simply shows that the culture did not have access to many channels. Past televisions were simple because the lifestyle was simple. People did not need hundreds of channels and massive screens to be satisfied. Modern televisions now come in various sizes and have features to accommodate the consumers. For example, the Philips-Magnavox 50FD9955 is thin and has a fifty inch (diagonal) rectangular flat screen. This television can be placed almost anywhere imaginable. It can be hung on a wall or even on the ceiling. The large size of this television represents modern society’s need for bigger and better things. It has an on/off button, two channel buttons, two volume buttons, and other various buttons for adjusting the color. The channel buttons on the modern television represent the unlimited number of channels. The structure is made of metal and plastic and it includes a speaker on each side. The plastic body is easier to mold, cheaper to produce, and easier customize the color. The television comes with standard audio/video jacks, cable jacks, and an S-Video jack to accommodate VCRs, DVD players, camcorders, and other accessories. These additional features did not just appear overnig ht, they developed with society to satisfy their needs. Television is designed around its culture. In the past, watching television was a way for families to be together. Everyone gathered around the television and watched the same show. Families did not have the luxuries of owning more than one television and having hundreds of channels. Today, almost every room in the house has a television. People in different rooms are now able to watch their own shows.

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Principles of public Speaking Essay

Course Name:Principles of public Speaking Assignment # 6 Title: Why banning the use of cell phones while driving should be mandatory nationwide? (With changes) General Purpose: Persuade Specific Purpose: Persuade my audience that banning the use of cell phones while driving should be mandatory nationwide Central idea: Lawmakers should pass a legislation banning the use of cell phone while driving nationwide I. Introduction: A: Cell phones are as common in the market today as a wrist watch on your arm.Every one has one including the very young as well as the extreme elderly.People are constantly talking,texting,playing games or surfing on the internet on their cell phones.These devices are harmless until individuals decided to get behing the wheel and drive.Therefore,the government should pass legislation to ban cell phone usage while driving nationwide. B: Consider that one day you get a phone call from someone telling you that there was an accident and your child is dead because a person using their cell phone was not paying attention to the road.Would you be devasted?I sure sure you believe that it would never happen to you,but do you want to take that risk?how many more people have to die before you even consider the ban on cell phones while driving?According to the NHTSB,texting is 6 times more dangerous than driving intoxicated.Finally,texting is not a teen –only problem with 47% of adults admitting to texting while driving C: II. Body of the presentation: Distracted driving is an epidemic Lawmakers should act responsibly and enact measures of how to prevent innocent citizens from being a victim to these accidents.Im sure there,s more that can be done regarding this issue. As a result of this epidemic,some states have aready implemented laws in order to address this issue.Today,my mission will be to convince you to make a pledge and stop using cell phones while driving. Distracted driving is becoming a nationwide epidemic According to the AAA foundation for traffic safety,distracted driving contributes to up to 8,000 crashes every single day and the numbers are climbing unless something is done about it. Many of the cell phones being manufactured today have the capability of performing multiple task.So what happen when you hear your phone ring or buzz indicating that you have a nessage?The amount of times it takes just to acknowledge that you have a message is enough to cause a serious accident and sometimes fatal. C. This epidemic has got to the point where lawmakers need to seriously consider how to stop accidents 1. Several states have already pass laws restricting text message while driving and many require drivers to use hands-free devices while talking on the phones.since cell phone become more affordable,there has been an increase in cell phones usage while driving. 2. Statistic from a report in 2009 showed that 56% teenagers admit to talking on their cell phone behind the wheel while 13% admit to texting while driving.(Car Accident Cell) These numbers could be low because the statistic were base on information that was provided voluntary. Conclusion: In today society our technology is more advanced than ever before.So far advanced is our society,that we can easily use cell phones to speak to anyone,anywhere and at any time.For example,we can ues cell phones while driving,or speak to someone in another country.We can use them in the business world to conduct meetings or rely vital information to co-workers or conduct trade with other businesses.Cell phones are use to schedule appointmen,fax,e-mail,call for assistance,report emergencies,and keep in contact with love ones and friends.Driving while using a cell phone is very common and prove a major threat to people,s lives on the road.Cell phone must be banned while driving.

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Assimilation of Blacks in Song of Solomon, Push and Life...

Assimilation of Blacks in Song of Solomon, Push and The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano Our African American texts call for close examination of the status of slaves and subsequent generations of free Blacks, how they fit into American society, and their quest for and denial of the benefits of Americanism. So does one assimilate or resist? But The Melting Pot Theory is not inclusive of Blacks since the process of assimilation could not work its magic on black skin. In the slave narrative, The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano, or Gustavus Vassa, The African, the capture of Africans, their ultimate enslavement in the Americas, the West Indies, and Europe exemplify the assigned†¦show more content†¦According to S. Dale McLemore, author of Racial and Ethnic Relations in America blacks were [an]immigrant minority in the sense that they had been removed from heir native lands and had entered the host society as a subordinate group, [however] their subordinate position was not regarded as something temporary. They resembled a colonized minority in the sense that they had been physically conquered and, subsequently, had not been accepted as suitable candidates for full membership in the society of the conquerors. But they were not a conquered people in their own land (311). Nonetheless, a forced or quasi colonization fostered a partial assimilation. McLemore goes on to point out that even though the slave community could not assimilate under normal circumstances there was a forced assimilation in that slaves who survived the Middle Passage were in no condition mentally or physically to object to whatever plans of participation were laid out for them by the dominant culture (40). In as much as Olaudah Equiano did not understand the condition of slaves in the West Indies because in Africa they assimilated quite well, he did understand the concept of it. However, slavery existed in Africa because warring communities took slaves as trophies of their victories, but Equiano points out they were treated well. Equiano writes, some of these slaves have even slaves under them, as their own property, and for their own useShow MoreRelated Racism in Song of Solomon, Push and Life of Olaudah Equiano Essay2546 Words   |  11 PagesExpressing Racism in Song of Solomon, Push and The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano      Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   African-Americans often are discriminated against, suffer from a barrage of racial remarks, and even endure racially based acts of violence. Unfortunately, this crime against humanity goes both ways. Those being oppressed may retaliate as a matter of self-defense, sometimes becoming that which they despise most. In many cases the Black man is forced into developing racist mores against

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Essay about The Effects of Rape Culture in Modern Society

Even though the first amendment states freedom of expression, statistics show rape and sexual assault numbers have risen due to the presence of rape culture in modern society. Rape culture promotes more assaults and violent acts, not only towards women but also towards men. Some evidence rape culture is present in today’s society are rising statistics showing that only three out of a hundred rapists see jail time and that over 17 million American women are victims of sexual assault every year. Rape culture is seen in every aspect of daily American life, even if people do not realize it. What is rape culture? Rape culture, a term created by feminists circa 1972, ‘†¦is best defined as a culture in which rape is prevalent, pervasive, and†¦show more content†¦The theory is that if this subculture is made known to common society, the population will start to tolerate rape, sexual assault, and misogyny much less. How can we stop rape culture? The first step to st opping rape culture is to make it common knowledge. Other ways to combat rape culture include, ‘†¦avoiding language used to objectifies women, supporting anti rape foundations, asking for consent and more†¦Ã¢â‚¬  ( ‘Rape Culture†) One might often ask what importance is there to fight against rape. Statistics have shown that the pillage of a person’s personal space have been steadily increasing since before the 1950s. Every two minutes, there is at least one American being sexually assaulted. ( ‘Sexual Assault Statistics†) these are just two of the millions of statistics that have been taking away many people’s privacy, natural rights, and their trust in others. Instead , due to rape culture women are commonly taught that ‘boys will be boys† or [concerning being bothered or harassed by the opposite sex] â€Å" that just means they like you!† rape culture not only teaches women that its normal to be sexually assaulted , but it teaches them not to bother to correct the rapists, just to take it. In news, press reporters mourn the athletic career of two highschoolers’ who raped and nearly killed a 15 year old girl rather than mourning the victim. The only way to stop these situations from ever happening again is to stopShow MoreRelatedEssay about Rape Culture: Are Women Asking for It?1698 Words   |  7 PagesSmith’s Encycolpedia of Rape defines the term â€Å"rape culture† as â€Å"one in which rape and other sexual violence against women . . . [is] both prevalent and considered the norm† (174). Rape is not a new subject in today’s society, its origins reaching far back into history. What causes rape, though? Is it the primal drive of men to exhibit dominance over all women, or do the women share the blame because of the way they dress, act, or do their makeup? Modern American culture would place the blame onRead MoreAmerica s Thriving Rape Culture1492 Words   |  6 PagesAmerica’s Thriving Rape Culture America has a proud history of being a country that has many different ethnicities and cultures living within its borders. But one of the most prevalent cultures is one that transcends race or country of origin, rape culture. The term used by modern day feminist and gender activist defines a culture which normalizes rape and sexual assaults because of the deeply rooted societal attitudes towards gender and sexuality. In a rape culture the instances of rape are acceptedRead MoreThe Rape Of Sexual Violence1642 Words   |  7 Pagesnot a rape if it happens after drinking or taking drugs†: these quotes about rape are few to the numerous myths that circulate society today. 1 out of every 6 American women has been sexually assaulted, yet this statistic is only from victims who come forward (Victims of Sexual Violence: Statistics†). The problem in America today is the â€Å"Rape Culture† in which we live. A Rape Culture is defined as a â€Å"rape prevalent society in which sexual violence is normalized and excused through pop culture and media†Read MoreThe Effects Of Violence Against Women On North American Society1663 Words   |  7 PagesQuestion: How do social norms contribute to the persistence of violence against women in North American society? Inter-disciplinary approach There are many factors that contribute to violence against women. There are obvious factors such as substance abuse by both the abused or the abuser that lead to violence. Cycles of poverty and the stresses that come with economic struggle are known factors in violence as well. Economic struggles inside and outside of the home are stresses and not only doesRead MoreSexual Assault Against Women During The United States1381 Words   |  6 Pagesrecorded history. Although violence against women encompasses a whole range of related acts, rape and sexual assault perpetrated against women is the focus of this paper. Men and boys are also victims of sexual assault, but the numbers of women who are sexual assaulted are much higher. We will be examining the definition of rape, the effects of rape, issues associated with rape, theories about the cause of rape and engage in some speculation on what can be done to improve the safety of women. In theRead MoreThe Realities of Rape Essay1680 Words   |  7 Pagesostracized, and overwhelmed. Your physical injuries are nothing compared to the pain that dwells in your heart. This is the story of the Central Park jogger, and this is the reality of rape. Rape is when someone forces you to take part in sexual activity of any kind if you have said no and do not consent. Date rape is when someone you know through social connections forces you into sex. It doesnt have to just be intercourse, it could be oral sex or anal sex. Penetration can be from a bodyRead MoreGlobalization And Its Impact On Society Essay925 Words   |  4 Pagesprocess by which different societies, culture, and how regional economies integrate through a worldwide network of political beliefs through communication, marketing, and transportation. Predominately, globalization has made a worldwide impact on many nations in numerous ways such as; politically, economically, as well as socially. Globalization has shaped the independence of various nations, thus leading to worldly affairs based on a global level. Leading to trends in culture, security, and environmentalRead MoreFeminism : A Social Movement854 Words   |  4 PagesFeminism is a social movement that seeks out social, economical and political equality among the sexes. Feminism was first presented to society around the end of the 19th century. Since then Feminism has been an extremely important and valued movement. What has come out of Feminism tends to be positive, it is because of Feminism that women can own their own land, are seen as people and not their husband’s possessions, and women can now vote. The Feminist movement is very prominent in challengingRead MoreEssay on Gender Roles and Their Effect on Women1525 Words   |  7 PagesThroughout the history of society, women and men both have faced the constricting roles forced upon them, from a young age; each gender is given specific social and cultural roles to play out throughout their lives. Little girls are given dolls and kitchen toys, little boys are given dinosaurs and power tool toys, if one was to step out of this specified role, social conflict would ensue. Contrast to popular belief, sex is a biological co nstruct, and gender is a social construct specifying the rolesRead MoreThe Effects Of Sexual Assault On College Students1563 Words   |  7 Pages350 rapes a year† (550). The likelihood of sexual assault or rape on a college campus is tremendously high due to social organizations, alcohol, and the presence of ‘rape culture’. Sexual violence is the most prevalent crime committed on a college campus, for every two sexual assaults there is just one robbery. Therefore, college women are twice as more likely to get raped than robbed. This leaves the elephant sized question, what is it about college that fosters ‘rape culture’? Rape culture is the

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Asdasdas Free Essays

Let’s discuss both briefly:Poverty leads awards a gap between poor and rich and this gap get wideband the poor becomes poorer and rich, richer. This situation leads the propelled towards frustration and to get normal they harm their own self restoratives society. Thus, this frustration leads the young people towards addiction of drugs or crimes. We will write a custom essay sample on Asdasdas or any similar topic only for you Order Now They start smuggling, commit thefts to snatcher so called right and this leads towards societal insecurity and sportspeople. People are killed and robbed and the concept of welfare state sidestroker. Moreover, pressure of rolling Inflation and the social inequality,where people see their fellow citizens using luxuries lead poor people thwarted evil of bribery which is common feature of the public sector offices Inpatients. This Increases the greed of the people taking bribery and the wholeheartedly of the public administration get corrupted which is the case inpatients. The frustrated people seek refuge under the shelter of drugs and the healthy nation get close towards the doom of destruction. This situational very much common in Pakistan where unemployment is on the peak indication reference or bribery the good Jobs cannot be secured and the tittered frustrated educated preventative of the young nation starts outstanding. This story do not ends here. The children are abolished to go to schooling are forced to work for their livelihood. The work conditions and wastewater for such children are shamefully worst. Yet they are forced to do thrower Like beasts. Due to poverty fathers cannot afford another social evil that’s ‘Jazz’ and the poor daughter remains unmarried and sometimes commissioned by taking poison or burning themselves and if unfortunately she straddled she has to live with taunts or her In laws kills her and simply say hat†the stove get blasted†. Moreover, she is tortured for the doings she environment in her life. The women have been the subjected to the social evils before the Islam weaseled on the earth. The Arabs use to bury their daughter alive. But in caboose Pakistan this tradition seems to be prevailing in other ways. Kara Kari’ Asian old tradition prevailing in the Kinds province of Pakistan according twitch when a man and women are found suspected to have relations the tribal ‘Jaguar’ may give the verdict to kill them both even if the superstructure could to be proved, which Is against the morality and humanity-Moreover, to secure the property for the male heirs the female heirs reformed to marry with The Holy Quern which is outrageous and neither Isolator the law enforced In the country allows media,other behaviors of the people living in the society of Pakistan also can bookbinderies as evil. There seems to be a change in the behaviors and actions the people living here, which is making them selfish and greedy. A welkin concept of individualism imported from western countries, which isms, me, me and only me behavior which indicates towards the behavior of people seeing themselves an individual not the part of wider society. It sonly ones profit that matters even if it is for the cost of other’s life. Illuminates here in Pakistan do not take the necessary measures to dispossess the wastes of their plants because these measures are costly and let theatres and waters of the country pollute that affect on the health of people. Engineers nobody believes the concepts of right and wrong. We are losing revalues where children do not have time for old parents or grandparents and the core values f honesty, tolerance, empathy and respect are ventilated. In context of Pakistan, religious extremism has lead towards maypole’s people do not know the true spirit of Islam and commit unjustifiable like suicide bomb blasts and terrorist activities to destabilize topological and social environment of the country. Moreover, there are religiousness’s like Sashays and Sunnis who keep rowing each other. The unreason for such thing is mainly lack of education and political and classlessness. People do not know their rights and others powerful Paleolithic them. This situation is very much severe in the less developed underlay controlled areas of Pakistan. The feudal lords intentionally restrict development of their governed areas as to the basic facilities of education,infrastructure and utilities. Feudal lord is considered the owner of not only lands of that area but also the life of people living under his vicinity. Then there are so called festivals and functions which do not relate adaptations as Basalt and Emends. People spoil a lot of money on disconnections for nothing and cause harm for society. During the festival of Basalt lot of innocent people are killed or get injured. Emends creates theses of inequality among the society. The key question is here to ask our self. Where are we going? Have any of squash contributed towards the eradication of these evils? But we don’t waste our time on such things and say it’s the responsibility of government. But,what’s our responsibility? To elect that government who do not listens toothier people after they are elected? It is another social evil. Not taking transportability for our surroundings. When a business man is required to coupe with all environmental and social issue which How to cite Asdasdas, Papers

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Invisible Man free essay sample

AP Literature and Composition Summer Reading Meaning behind the Blues In Ralph Ellisons (comma removed) Invisible Man, Ellison combines his two passions of literature and music to create the world and story Remove? In which his characters live. The? Songs and language styles of blues and Jazz are incorporated throughout the novel to add imagery and emphasis on certain experiences (that center around or involve or of) the narrator. To further show the importance of the use Remove? Of music, Ellison both begins and ends his story with a reference to the ark of Louis Armstrong. Armstrong Is a very well known and Influential African- American (Is the needed because sometimes you use it and others you dont so I am not sure) musician of the time period. In the Prologue, while the narrator is sitting in his hole Comma maybe? He tales of his wish to have five radio-phonographs. ) Setting I found a home-or a hole in the ground, as you will. My hole is warm and full of light. In my hole in the basement there are exactly 1,363 lights. Ive wired the entire ceiling, every inch of it. And not with flourescent bulbs, but with the older, more-expensive-to-operate kind, the filament type. (p. 6,7) It was foggy with cigar smoke. And already the whiskey was taking effect. I was shocked to see some of the most important men in town quite tipsy. They were all there-bankers, lawyers, judges, doctors, fire chiefs, teachers , merchants. Even one of the more fashionable pastors. Something we could not see was going up front. A clarinet was vibrating sensuously and the men were standing up and moving eagerly forward. (pg. 18) It was a beautiful college. The buldings were old and covered with vines and the roads gracefully winding, lined the hedges and wild roses that dazzled the eyes in the summer sun. Honeysuckle and purple wisteria hung heavy from the trees and white magnolias mixed with their scents in the bee-humming air. How the grass turned in the springtime and how the mocking birds fluttered their tails and sang, how the moon shone down on the buildings, how the bell in the chapel tower rang out the precious short-lived hours; how the girls in bright summer dresses promenaded the grassy lawn. (pg. 34) winter, with the moon high above and the chimes in the steeple ringing and a sonorous choir of trombones rendering a Christmas -caarol; and over all is a quiteness and an ache as though all the world were lonliness. (pg. 5) The plant was in Long Island, and I crossed a bridge in the fog to get there and came down in a stream of workers. Ahead of me a huge electric sign announced its message through the drifiting strands of fog. Flags were fluttering in the breeze from each other in a maze of buildings below the sign, and for a moment it was like watching some vast patriotic ceremony from a distance. But no shots were fired and no bugles sounded (pg. 196) I was sitting in a cold, white rigid chair and a man was looking at me out of a bright third eye that glowed from the center of his forehead. He reached out, touching my skull gingerly, and said something encouraging, as though i were a child. his fingers went away (pg 231). When I came out of the subway, Lenox Avenue seemed to careen away from me at a drunken angle, and I focused upon the teetering scene with wild, infants eyes, my head throbbing (pg. 251). Then I was back in the street and moving toward the subway. My eyes adjusted quickly; the world took on a dark-green intensity, the lights of cars glowed like stars, faces were a mysterious blur; the garish signs of movie houses muted down to a soft sinister glowing (pg. 84). a small crowded room of men and women sitting in folding chairs, to the front where a slender woman in a rusty black robe played passionate boogie-woogie on an upright piano along with a young man wearing a skull cap who stuck righteous riffs from an electic guitar which was connected to an amplifier that hung from the ceiling above a gleaming white and gold pulpit. A man in an elegant red c ardinals robe and a high lace collar stood resting against an enormous Bible and now began to lead a hard-driving hymn which the congregation shouted in an unknown tongue. And back and high on the wall above him there arched the words in letters of gold: LET THERE BE LIGHT (pg497,498). It was a hot dry August night. Lightning flashed across tge eastern sky and a breathless tension was in the humid air (pg 516). I believe Ralph Ellison has created a credible setting because in each of the examples, a detailed description of the narrators surrounding is evident. With such detail, it is clear to the reader what time period the novel or flashback is taken place in and the environment the main character, or author is experiencing. In this case, the story is taking place first in the south, then making its way towards the north, Harlem, in the early 1920s and 1930s. 3) Striking images, ideas, events, objects I am an invisible man. No, I am not a spook like those who haunted Edgar Allan Poe; nor am I one of your Hollywood-movie ectoplasms. I am a man of substance, of flesh and bone, fiber and liquids- and I might even be said to possess a mind. I am invisible, understand, simply because people refuse to see me (pg. 3). Opening the prologue, the narrator starts by introducing himself as an invisible man. This introduction is important because it immediatedly allows the reader to understand the narrators self placement in society, which also sets the constant theme throughtout the novel. Without light I am not only invisible, but formless as well; and to be unaware of ones form is to live a death. I myself, after existing some twenty years, did not become alive until I discovered my invisibility (pg. 7). Prior before this excerpt, the narrator explained he installed 1,369 lights in his basement. He goes on to explain why he possesses so many lights in the theory that even though he is invisible he still exists; and the light permits him to exist. In addition, he explains that he hadnt begun to live until he realized he was invisible. I interperate this as him stepping back from participating in the life society leads, and observing and living his own, secluded. All my life I had been looking for something, and everywhere I turned someone tried to tell me what it was. I was looking for myself and asking everyone execept myself questions which I, and only I, could answer (pg. 5). The narrator begins to flashback to his adolecent years by explaining what he now realizes was the hindering aspect of his youth. Throughout the book he begins to find himself, and his place in society. Youre hidden right out in the open that is, you would be only if you realized it (pg. 154). At the Golden Day, the veteran doctor tells this to the narrator. In his flashback, this is when the narr ator gets the notion of being an invisible man of society. It also foreshadows his future understanding of himself. Who knows but that, on the lower frequencies, I speak for you? (pg. 581) Ending the novel, the narrator leaves the reader with these words. This can be interperprated into different views. To me, this means that he may speak for you, it is possible that he is expressing your feelings or describing some part of your experience; and who is to prove otherwise other than yourself? 4) Figures of Speach Like the bodiless heads you see sometimes in circus sideshows, it is as though I have been surrounded by mirrors of hard, distorting glass (pg. ) . This metaphore is used to exemplify the narrators view upon his place in society and how he is viewed. With this, he is trying to explain that when in public, he is never seen as he is; whether he had been replaced by his surroundings, other people, or figments of the viewers imagination. A figure in a nightmare which the sleepe r tries with all his strength to destroy (pg. 4). Another metaphore is used to explain how the narrator experiences invisibility. Invisibilty has led him to question if in reality he is infact viewed and understood as an actual human being or is he rather a neusance, or terrorist in others lives in that they wish not to see him- making him invisible. Live with your head in the lions mouth (pg. 16). A few of the narrators grandfathers last words that had powerful meaning. To live with your head in the lions mouth means to live life on the edge, or to live life in a knowingly dangerous manor. The grandfather did not want his grandchildren to live life in fear, and with the wills of society.